Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nike Air Max 180 “Green Safari” & "Red Safari"

The "Ultramarine" released and people slept on them heavily. I don't think it was because people aren't feelin' the 180s but because the word wasn't spread like a Foamposite release would be, but for us that's a good thing. Here we got the "Green Safari" and "Red Safari"...They're not bad. Why they call the Red Safari "Red", I don't know because I don't see any red on it...It's more like the "Pink Safari" and it's definitely the more feminine pair but I'm sure that's what Nike was going for. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a guy wearing pink anymore thanks to Cam'ron doing his thing with the pink back in the mid-2000's, but it has to be done right when it comes to a sneaker. The "Red Safari" just has too many girly colors for me; the "Green Safari' is more my style.

No release info yet but Kicks & Thoroness will keep you updated.

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