Thursday, April 4, 2013

FILA Stackhouse "Spaghetti"

If you didn't know, you gon' learn today! Fila has slowly been making its way back into the popular sneaker world, but don't call it a comeback! Not just yet at least. Some of you might not have noticed but people are showing a bit of interest in the recent news of the Fila retroes coming this summer; The Fila Stackhouse, Cage, '96, and F-13. The Stackhouse and '96 being the most desirable of the four. I'm a little upset about the the top of the 'F' not being red like the originals on the side and tongue logos because little things like that help an overall look of a sneaker. I mean, did they not have enough money for the red dye?

Shout out to Jerry Stackhouse and the Brooklyn Nets. That might have something to do with these becoming slightly popular in New York and throughout the East Coast.

Available 12 Noon today via

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