Thursday, April 4, 2013

Reebok Classic Leather "Clean Textile" (Olive, Khaki, Navy, & Grey)

What do you guys wear with a pair of camouflage shorts? Wait, don't tell me...Any sneaker that comes to mind right? Hopefully your not one of those people and if you're here reading and keeping up with Kicks & Thoroness; you're probably not and most likely know how to put together the right ensemble. Just thought I'd bring that up due to the fact that one of these Classic Leathers being an olive green to go perfectly with a pair of olive green or camouflage shorts. But lets not forget these other colors; Khaki, Navy, & Grey. All very nice and simple looks for the spring and coming summer. I know these are Classic Leathers but the majority of them are actually suede. Don't be scared to pickup a couple colors if not all four; an overall clean shoe.

All colors available over at Titolo.

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