Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Balance 574: “Surfer Pack”

Aloha! What a flavorful release. I'm really feelin' these surfer themed 574; especially the green pair. The floral print interior really gives these that 'Vacation In Hawaii' feel. All three are very nice summer looks. They're limited so don't be scared to pull the trigger and grab yourself a pair!

Check out Karmaloop, Hanon, Oki-Ni, and Kith (Only has green and blue) to buy your pairs now.


  1. where can I buy the green ones?

    1. I had to dig real deep but I think you're in luck; only if I knew your size could I be sure.

      Kamaloop has a decent selection of sizes...

      If Karmaloop has your size and you purchase from there use the promo code "verge" to get 20% off and free shipping to US/Canada.

      Kith has a few pairs...

      And so does Hanon...

      Good Luck.