Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nike Lunar Flyknit Chukka (Royal Blue)

I apologize for not letting you guys know about the red pair that came out last weekend. I really like the Flyknit Chukkas so I'll definitely be keeping you guys up to date on the latest colorways. I'm sure this blue pair will sell out just a quick as the red, if not faster. It seems people just cant get enough of this sneaker and the comfort probably has a lot to do with it along with its simple and clean look. Every colorway released so far has been bought up the first day and resold for big money on eBay; the two in the 'Snow Style' pack are selling for the most right now at around $500.00. Ridiculous, I know but it's a very dope sneaker; they don't sell out as fast as a Jordan retro but you will surely miss out if you don't move quick the day of release.

They will be seeing store shelves June 1st, pre-order now at End.

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